Experimental Music 
The Fade Out Room 
"A hauntingly rough ambient album...outrageously strong and should not be missed." - David Nemeth, actsofsilence.com

"It's like a well kept secret. When cracked, you'll want to hit repeat and apply what you know in order to discover more." - Diabolical Claptrap, My Latest Music Discoveries

"The latest release from the ever-excellent Test Tube netlabel, stands out from the pack by embracing a range of sounds and sonic expressions quite different from most of their peers...The opening track ‘The Room Lies Still During Twilight’ is one of the most unsettling pieces of music I’ve heard all year..." - Daniel Auty, netlabelism.com

"...a hypnotic experience passing through the different eras of (experimental) music searching for elusive redemption and vast synergy." - Borealiscape, agier.blogspot.com

"Quant à "The Fade Out Room" je peux te dire que c'est l'un des disques les plus émouvants, de part l'énorme sensibilité et délicatesse, que j'ai eu occasion d'écouter ces derniers temps. Toutes les émotions y sont profondes et suggestives et passent finement à travers une épidermis très nuancée, des peaux ou des surfaces presque translucides extrêmement fragiles, douloureuses même. J'aime beaucoup aussi l'usage qui est fait des silences, puis également la présence de sons et d'intonations mélodiques liés au passé, qui soulignent un aspect nostalgique de condamnation ou d'extinction. Je vous félicite pour le travail sonore élégant et très sensible qui dégage une mystérieuse poésie." - Sarah Vacher, Luscinia Discos

"To say this album is like the moment between falling asleep and being asleep is a great understatement..." - thismusicisfree.blogspot.com

"This is equal parts music production and sound design as the tracks invoke melancholic moods, while painting an aural portrait of empty rooms, jangling cans, flooded basements, peeling wallpaper, and faulty film projectors...a beautifully crafted piece that is haunting - both literally and figuratively." - AudioStylites, audiostylites.wordpress.com

"Questo si è materializzato in un'approfondita analisi del suono di vecchi strumenti musicali, che ricompaiono in questo nuovo lavoro con prepotenza e creano un'opera davvero unica e straordinaria, frutto di 3 anni di sperimentazioni con molteplici strumenti non convenzionali. " - Rosa Selvaggia

"Wonderful spooky stuff here...filmic, creaky, dusty and very odd." - Richard Sanderson, bagrec.blogspot.com

Favorite netlabel releases of the year, Linear Obsessional



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