New Book Release: Interplay An Artist's Approach to Spirituality
Author: Makram Abu-Shakra              Formats: Softcover  Hardcover  Kindle
"Dynamic and thought-provoking"--San Francisco Book Review
"Compelling throughout"--BookReview.com
"Devotees of art and spiritual exploration will find much to contemplate in Interplay."--ForeWord Clarion Reviews
"As a story of spiritual transition and transcendence, this is a book that will be of great interest to many people."--BookIdeas.com
Human Erasure
The Harmonics of a Dissolution  
An astronaut finds himself floating high above the moon having forgotten how he got there. This is the story of a transformation, an escape from the human domain; an exploration of parallel worlds, of reaching the flipside of spacetime.  

The beckoning gleam of sunlight reflected on the window pane of a faraway, parked car funnelled his attention into a focus so acute that the rest of his surroundings seemed hastily and incompletely rendered, like the sketched outline of a marginal dream.
The light glistened with the poignant signature of a celestial star-body, timeless and archetypal.

Figures of men and women stood suspended like frozen ghosts within the ever expanding luminosity, their silhouettes quivering to the light's intensity. Life on Earth was a dimension swallowed, the planet's population reduced to mere phantasmic shadows of an extinguished dream.
The Enigmantra  
Twitter Fiction  
The Invisible Tides  
Were I Finally to Arrive...  
I Am NOT An Octopus!  
This is my earliest completed work of fiction, written in the voice of a child. It explores the dangers of having a subconscious that is too loud. During this phase of my life, I was able to close my eyes at any time and watch a movie of dream-like imagery or read words that surfaced. I was completely immersed in the dreamworld, and it finally backfired on me, sending me through a period of hell that lasted 3 weeks. Writing the story was like therapy, a return to childhood innocence in order to cope with a traumatic experience.  
The Making of "Hieroglyphics", the Movie  

Due to the subtlety of motion that is typical at that deeper level of being which I like to describe as the "level of spirit", it is important to be as calm as a still lake in order to detect the subtlety. Once the shift is detected, acknowledged, and appreciated, one can then will a greater portion of the self to resonate with such a movement until the resonance, if so desired, approaches the totality of consciousness.  

The Early Years: Laying down the Foundation  

Just as a small seed has the potential of growing into a tall tree, so can a tiny happenstance, an unusual feeling or a slight shift in consciousness possess the potential to initiate a whole new domain of inner exploration. It can be of great benefit to seek out and to become aware of these seeds of Becoming, so that they are given the proper attention, nurturing, and intrigued appreciation.  

My first musical project was in a way a study, or a sonic essay, of different styles of music...The Apollonian style catered mostly to the intellect, such as what a catchy tune did...The Dionysian polarized style, on the other hand, did not specifically cater to the appreciation of the conscious self and attempted to move the listener either at the emotional level or at a level that plumbs further into the depths of feeling and the unconscious.  

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