Twitter Fiction has become a well-known website for social interaction. I've found it to be an excellent place to publish my (very) short fiction, somtimes in the style of the enigmantra (see, and sometimes as a way to communicate through fiction what is currently going on in my life. If interested, follow me at Here are some examples:
Earthless, trained to escape.
He lay peacefully beneath the guillotine, eyes gone soft, lost in wonder.
[mabushak] was stretched during sleep, awoke to a world belittled. Hummed a vague tune, danced to the superstorms on Jupiter
The distinguished liar drew his cape and soared into the sky, precisely at midnight.
Having climbed the mountain, panting, his face blue, his legs about to give...he uttered a symbol.
Lazy are the days when one yawns before the devil's breath.
The ocean tells me I am a lie.